CNN knows Trump’s scandals are great for ratings

CNN had one gripe with my last column in which I reported that anchor Don Lemon said Trump, who Lemon again called a racist, was probably not going to be impeached.

The network had no problem with the main part of that story — Lemon’s shocking admission about Trump’s remaining in office and my contention that CNN had lightened up on the president.

The only thing that CNN disputed was the part where I said Lemon commented that his network was covering stripper Stormy Daniels so much because that’s what the audience wanted and because it was good for ratings.

That had CNN in a stink. So, as they do in sports, I went to the videotape for a review.

And CNN was right. Lemon didn’t say anything about ratings. Lemon did justify CNN’s coverage of Daniels, which many think is excessive, because sex scandals are what take powerful men down.

He pointed to Bill Clinton as an example. Only, Clinton survived the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

Anyway, I got that part of it wrong. But, I’ll say it myself, the Daniels scandal has been a ratings bonanza for TV and a blessing for newspapers. Keep those scandals coming, Mr. President.

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