Colorado man accused of missing wife’s death cast Trump vote in her name

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The Colorado dad accused of murdering his wife — who went missing on Mother’s Day last year — submitted a fraudulent ballot on her behalf for former President Donald Trump last year, it was revealed Friday.

Barry Morphew, who’s already facing first-degree murder charges in the missing mom’s death, told investigators he sent in his wife’s mail-in ballot with a Trump vote because he figured she would’ve voted for him, according to an arrest warrant affidavit signed Thursday.

When Barry Morphew, 53, was asked by two FBI agents in April why he sent it in, he allegedly said “Just because I wanted Trump to win,” the affidavit states.

“I just thought, give him another vote,” he allegedly said.

When agents asked if he knew it was illegal to send in someone else’s ballot, Barry Morphew said he “didn’t know you couldn’t do that for your spouse.”

Barry Morphew was arrested and charged with murder on May 5 — about a year after Suzanne Morphew went missing — even though her remains are yet to be found. Investigators presume that she’s dead.

Officials investigated the alleged voter back in October when the county clerk’s office reported they received a suspicious mail ballot in Suzanne Morphew’s name, months after she’d been reported missing, court records show.

The ballot lacked her signature, as required by law, but it did have Barry Morphew’s signature as a witness, the affidavit states.

In addition to murder chages, Barry Morphew now faces two new counts of felony forgery and misdemeanor ballot fraud.

Shortly after Suzanne Morphew went missing, her husband posted a widely viewed Facebook video pleading for her safe return, saying her daughters needed her and the family would do “whatever it takes” to bring her back.

It’s not clear how investigators pinned Barry Morphew with the murder — he was allegedly 150 miles away on the day she went missing and an arrest affidavit detailing the investigation that led to the charges remains under seal.

Barry Morphew is being repped by public defenders, who don’t comment on their cases in Colorado.

He’s back in court on May 27.

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