Columbia professor accused of harassment: Americans are total p—ies

A Columbia University professor blasted Americans as “total p—ies” and lamented the status of the “white privileged man” after a junior researcher accused him of sexual harassment, it emerged in Manhattan federal court on Friday.

“I am dealing with this harassment case. It is so insane. If this is harassment, the Americans really are total p—ies,” Geert Bekaert, who’s from Belgium, wrote in an email admitted into evidence Friday.

Bekaert was referring to sexual-harassment allegations made against him in 2014 by Italian researcher Enrichetta Ravina, who claimed he used his senior position to try to sabotage her career when she rebuffed his sexual advances.

She is suing Bekaert and Columbia for $30 million.

“The laws in this country are screwed up and totally biased against the ‘white privileged man,’” he wrote in another email after Ravina’s lawsuit was filed in 2016.

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