Cop-rape accuser’s lawyer goes after foul-mouthed process server

The lawyer for a young woman who’s accused two ex-NYPD cops of rape says he’s filing a complaint with authorities, following a Wednesday incident in which a process server for the defense called his client a “stupid bitch” on camera.

Michael David told The Post he’ll be filing complaints with the New York state Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Licensing Services after an unidentified process server harangued alleged rape victim Anna Chambers as he served her a subpoena outside her Brooklyn home.

“We’re not even sure what he is, he made all kinds of statements,” David said of the man, who claims to be from the sheriff’s office in the video. “When you serve process, you should not be making these kinds of statements that are degrading to women and anti-immigrant.”

David added the man was wearing a badge on his waistband during the altercation.

In video posted to Twitter on Wednesday, the middle-aged man calls the 19-year-old a “stupid bitch” and mocks her Russian heritage by saying he’s not “KGB” after serving her with papers demanding she turn over photos of her bloodied wrists that she claims to have taken following her alleged rape while handcuffed by Eddie Martins and Richard Hall.

Prosecutors have been unable to locate the photos, and the defense believes they don’t exist.

David says the pictures were accidentally deleted in the days following the alleged September 2017 incident.

Martins’ attorney, Mark Bederow, told The Post on Wednesday he’s horrified by the server’s behavior, which he called “inappropriate,” and said he won’t be using him again.

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