Coronavirus fury as panic-buying mum sells 378 toilet rolls for DOUBLE the price because she ‘no longer needs them’ – The Sun

A STOCKPILING mum has received backlash online for trying to sell 378 toilet rolls for double their retail price in Australia.

The mum was selling 21 packs of 18 rolls – which normally sell for under $10 each – for a whopping $20 a pack.

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This comes after supermarkets saw supplies of toilet roll stripped from the shelves with shoppers being accused of panic-buying and even fighting over toilet roll during the coronavirus crisis .

In a post on Facebook that has since been deleted, the woman from Morayfield near Brisbane said she was selling "excess toilit [sic] paper that I no longer need”.

Defending her decision to resell her excess toilet paper, the woman said: “Don't attack me for making sure my family was prepared for the pandanemic! [sic]”

A screenshot of the woman's Facebook advert was shared on Reddit where users accused her of being an “opportunist” and buying a “crazy amount” in the first place.

One replied to say: "No, I will criticize you for hoarding that much toilet paper and jacking up prices. You have 21 packs of 18, that's 378 rolls of toilet paper and WAY more than any family of any size will ever need (during this time).

"You're a piece of s*** opportunist."

A second asked: "How can you no longer need toilet paper? You hoarded it, now deal with the consequences."

Shoppers stripped shelves of essential items such as rice and pasta but bizarrely toilet paper proved the most popular, forcing some stores to introduce limits of just one pack per customer.

In response to fears people could be taking advantage of shortages during the crisis, eBay has restricted the sale of face masks, hand sanitiser, toilet paper and baby formula to select business sellers.

Gumtree has temporarily banned the selling of masks, hand sanitiser, disinfecting wipes and toilet paper to prevent people from capitalising on the pandemic.

Facebook has also banned the sale of hand sanitiser, wipes and coronavirus test kits.

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