Coronavirus: Riverside School Board students, teachers create video to thank front-line workers

The classic song Over the Rainbow has been used during the novel coronavirus crisis to lift people’s spirits.

“It was our way to say thank you to all of the workers who are doing what they do so that we can stay where we stay, safe at home,” said Don Murray, the Grade 4 teacher at the Greenfield Park Primary International School behind the initiative.

The re-written song was named Under the Rainbow.

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The lyrics underline the efforts front-line workers are undergoing to keep people safe while the rest of stay home.

“Somewhere under the rainbow, we must say / That the home that we live in / We’re not stuck, we are safe,” part of the lyrics said.


To create a video, Murray enlisted the help of six students from the Riverside School Board to perform the song, an artist, a music teacher and a video editor.

All the participants did their part from home.

“It’s perfectly imperfect,” said Murray.

The children’s voices were mixed together with the track, which played over a video recording of the artist creating her drawing of children under a rainbow, near their home with a “thank you sign.”

“I really think it captured our thankfulness,” Murray told Global News.

Murray created the project, which was posted online last week, through the non-profit Kids Sake, a new organization he co-created that seeks to improve the well-being of children through academic and lifestyle activities.

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