Corrie Actress Cath Tyldesley's hair loss mental health fears for hubby

CORRIE ACTRESS Catherine Tyldesley has told of the mental suffering her husband has been through as he faced going bald in his 30s. 

The former Rovers Return barmaid said husband Tom Pitfield became so depressed about losing his hair that he no longer wanted to socialise. 

Cath, 37, who played Eva Price in the soap and married Tom in 2016, said: “It was wrecking his mental health. For a long time he wasn’t himself. 

“I didn’t realise how much hair loss could affect men until Tom started to lose his and I watched him struggle with it.

"I think the younger it happens the worse it is for them. It completely drained his confidence. It was hard to watch.

“He became depressed about losing his hair and seeing that made me feel helpless. There was nothing I could do. 

“I could see how unhappy he was going to be if he went bald. He wasn’t going to get used to it easily. He became less and less outgoing. 

“There was a night when he didn’t want to go out with friends. He gave an excuse about staying in but I knew what was stopping him.

“ I’m all about mental health so I tackled him about it. I said what I thought was really bothering him, that hair loss was wrecking his mental health and that he had to do something about it. 

“Fortunately, he opened up about it.”

Tom has now undergone a hair transplant treatment at MHR clinicin Cheshire. 

The 34-year-old has regular laser treatment to boost hair growth at the clinic and has started a course of prescription and herbal medications in July 2020 to reboot dormant follicles in other areas of his scalp. 

The Viewpoint actress added: “Since he started the medical programme I’ve noticed a big change in his confidence. It has been a relief to see. 

“He’s getting back to himself again. He’d be gorgeous to me any way he was, but I just want him to be happy and feel good about himself. 

“I doubt many people would believe how badly hair loss can impact someone’s self-esteem and mental health, but I’ve seen that it can be a real mental struggle for some men.” 

Fitness expert and photographer Tom added: “Beginning the medical programme was the beginning of me getting my confidence back. I just want a thick head of hair again, as fast as possible, so I can fully relax about it.”

MHR Clinic’s head surgeon Dr Vikas Kunnure, who completed Tom’s procedure said: “It was a relatively straightforward FUE procedure taking grafts from the back of Tom’s head and using them to build a stronger hairline."

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