Couple ‘caught out joining mile high club’ after spending 10 minutes in loo

A pair of red-faced plane passengers have apparently been caught out joining the mile high club – after they had spent 10 minutes together in a toilet.

The awkward clip – taken on a United Airlines flight – shows several people waiting for the engaged loo.

A flight attendant pushes a drinks trolley past them, asking: "You're still right here?"

One of the women then replies: "There are folks in there."

A man eventually opens the door and exits but is immediately followed by a woman.

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Professional beach volleyball player Stafford Slick captured the moment on camera and quickly posted it to Instagram.

"These women had been posted up on the lavatory, ready for a ballpark of 10 minutes.

"I've been on a LOT of flights… this is a first."

Viewers of the clip have flocked to social media since it went viral.

"That gives a whole new meaning to 'walk of shame'," one wrote.

Another commented: "The lady going in must’ve really had to poo."

While a third joked: "When you realise the turbulence is coming from the lavatory."

It is unclear where or when the incident took place, but Stafford later said it was a United Airlines flight.

He added: "Couldn’t believe my eyes…I’ve heard the legends, but never thought I would see it in real life #milehigh #travel #nowiveseeneverything #unitedairlines."

It is not the only bizarre sight seen on a plane in recent week.s

An American Airlines passenger was stunned after noticing a miniature horse happily standing in the aisle.

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