COVID-19 death count may skyrocket as young victims with no symptoms are suffering sudden fatal strokes – The Sun

CORONAVIRUS deaths may quickly skyrocket after doctors learned that COVID-19 was causing some young patients to suffer deadly strokes.

Even those who survive face an uphill battle as they experience paralysis, memory loss and an inability to speak as a result of the brain damage caused by the stroke.

The patients studied all experienced a large vessel occlusion according to The Washington Post.

It is the deadliest kind of stroke, and occurs when a blood clot takes out the part of the brain responsible for movement, speech and decision-making.

Doctors see this in patients well into their seventies or eighties most of the time, but these victims are in their thirties and forties.

This sudden revelation comes as the number of people suffering strokes and cardiac arrests has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those deaths were thought to be unrelated due to the fact that the victims showed no signs or symptoms prior to their deaths.

Most do not even realize what is going on until they are on the verge of having an episode and they lose the ability to speak, move or feel their arms.

Four major US medical centers – Johns Hopkins, Thomas Jefferson, Mount Sinai and NYU Langone Health – have submitted case studies from their own facilities addressing this latest development.

Each hospital noted that they had a few dozen patients who fell into this category within the first three weeks of the pandemic.

Some are now dead, some are fighting to stay aie and only one is speaking again after her stroke.

"The analyses suggest coronavirus patients are mostly experiencing the deadliest type of stroke. Known as large vessel occlusions, or LVOs, they can obliterate large parts of the brain responsible for movement, speech and decision-making in one blow because they are in the main blood-supplying arteries," reports the Post.

"Many researchers suspect strokes in COVID-19 patients may be a direct consequence of blood problems that are producing clots all over some people’s bodies."

These clots are happening all over victims' bodies and become highly fatal once they reach the brain.

"Clots that form on vessel walls fly upward. One that started in the calves might migrate to the lungs, causing a blockage called a pulmonary embolism that arrests breathing — a known cause of death in covid-19 patients," explains the Post.

"Clots in or near the heart might lead to a heart attack, another common cause of death. Anything above that would probably go to the brain, leading to a stroke."

Doctors at all four hospitals seem to have the same terrifying hypothesis.

These medical professionals now believe that coronavirus is taking advantage of the weakened immune system in these individuals and attacking them in a new and different way.

J Mocco, a researcher at Mount Sinai, noted this “is one of the clearest and most profound correlations I’ve come across.”

“This is much too powerful of a signal to be chance or happenstance,” explained Mocco.

This means getting an actual victim count is almost impossible since many of these individuals are being buried without an autopsy.

It also presents doctors with another challenge in battling COPVID-19.

Dr Thomas Oxley recalled his first experience with a young stroke patient at Mount Sinai.

Once he had identified the clot in the brain and removed it, he watched in real time as new clots began forming in just seconds.

He then turned to his boss and said: "This is crazy."

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