COVID-19 information hotline launched for seniors in Calgary

A new hotline has been launched in Calgary to help seniors navigate COVID-19 related issues.

Larry Mathieson, the CEO of the Kerby Centre, said this new initiative will combine all the necessary information for seniors in one location.

“By expanding our information resources department with additional staff, we are offering a central point for seniors to get reliable information on resources during the pandemic,” Mathieson said.

The COVID-19 Seniors Information Hotline focuses on key problem areas faced by seniors at this time, including food security, emergency shelter, prescription and grocery delivery and emergency financial support.

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The hotline will also have information on senior-specific services offered across the city.

Mathieson said having access to these resources by phone is imperative for all seniors.

“There is a reliance on digital resources that has only increased during this crisis, but one in three seniors do not use the internet at all,” Mathieson said.

“It is vital to continue to offer services by phone when we cannot do so in person.”

The hotline will be operated Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

It can be accessed by calling the centre’s main line at (403) 265-0661.

The centre is also home to an information portal, accessible through its website.

The portal includes up-to-date links and information specifically for Calgary seniors.

Outreach programs at the centre are also available, including the grocery delivery program and the rotary shelter.

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