Covid centre burnt to the ground and cops pelted with rocks in lockdown protests

A coronavirus testing centre has been burned to the ground as anti-lockdown protests sweep across Europe.

Protesters have torched a Covid testing facility and thrown fireworks at a hospital in the Netherlands, it's been reported.

Police trying to intervene were pelted with rocks as a wave of violent anti-lockdown demos gripped the continent.

The testing centre, 50 miles northeast of Amsterdam, was reportedly burnt by youths who stormed a facility near the village of Urk’s harbour.

It came on the first day of a new 9pm to 4.30am curfew – the first to be imposed in the country since World War II.

Authorities said the blaze was a "slap in the face" for the "local health authority" who do their best to "help people."

Health Minister Hugo de Jonge described the attack as going "beyond all limits" of what is "acceptable."

It was also said the curfew will be "strictly enforced" from Monday January 25 to ensure vandals do not repeat the attacks.

Elsewhere, fireworks were thrown at the MST hospital, reports

In a video from the city of Enschede, footage shows a mob trying break into a hospital before police arrived.

Glass can be seen being smashed as around 20 people, reportedly hospital staff, fled and shouted outside.

The vandalism comes after up to 200 people took part in anti-lockdown protests in Enschede.

Large groups of people could be seen patrolling the streets wearing masks, but holding a sign that condemns the nationwide curfew against Covid.

Protesters were also seen holding red flares which lit up the night sky as people made their way through the city centre.

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In Denmark, two people were reportedly arrested on Saturday for burning an effigy of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

The arrest occurred after a radical group called "Men in Black Denmark" took to the streets to protest against Covid restrictions introduce by the government.

A further five people, who have not been identified, were reportedly arrested in relation to the march.

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Police in Einghoven were reportedly pelted with rocks as they tried to shut down a banned demonstration against Covid measures, including the lockdown.

The Netherlands has been in lockdown since mid-December and that is set to continue to at least February 9.

As of January 25, the country has had 948,933 cases of Covid, of which 13,540 have resulted in fatalities.

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