COVID-concerned residents warn infamous NYC ‘Spitting Lady of 77th Street’ is back

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At least she waited for the pandemic to subside.

The notorious “Spitting Lady of 77th Street” — known for screaming at pedestrians and dousing them in her saliva — has been spotted in her former Upper East Side haunt, according to disgusted residents who have been warning each other on social media to steer clear of her filthy ways.

One area resident posted on the web site NextDoor on June 24 that she’d spotted Hilda Barrion “yelling and spitting at people,” and included a link to a 2017 Post story about the unfortunate neighborhood fixture.

“Since COVID is still important, I’m warning everyone about this person to keep the community safe. That being said — this person is obviously very mentally ill and if you see her simply just stay away,” the woman wrote.

“Whoa! It’s been many years since I’ve seen her! She always scared me!” one person replied.

Another noted the unhinged vagrant “came back again in recent months, she was always around 77th Street.”

Barrion’s antics have been well documented.

In 2016, she had become such a nuisance an online petition was started demanding Mayor de Blasio and local councilmen take action. In March 2017, the homeless woman was carrying more than $19,133 in cash on her when she was finally arrested for allegedly attacking a child, sources said at the time.

Barrion has been spitting on residents and visitors since at least 2012.

The NYPD said it had no record of recent arrests for Barrion.

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