Covid leaves woman with ‘Chernobyl-like burns’ as body ‘explodes from inside’

A woman was left with horrifying inflammation to her hands and feet after suffering from hundreds of long Covid symptoms.

Nic Kimberley, 53, from the Cotswolds, originally caught the virus over the 2019 festive period.

She recently started suffering from a “pressure pain” across her whole body, and her doctor said it was similar to the effects of Covid he’d seen in other patients.

Ms Kimberley first spotted that her feet were a 'boiling red' colour when she went for a shower.

She told the Daily Mirror: “It's like radiation burns. I've never had radiation burns but I've seen photos and watched Chernobyl.

"I'm also feeling a horrific burning sensation, the pain is like a tourniquet. It feels like my body is exploding from the inside."

Although Ms Kimberley previously experienced a "little bit" of Covid toe, she said this is far worse – as shown in the dramatic pictures she took on Sunday, February 7.

She claims she is now racked with pain and her fingers and toes feel freezing cold and tingly.

Her body has swollen up to the point that she can no longer fit in her jeans, she added.

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Thousands of people are suffering from long Covid and the number will only increase as more people become infected.

NHS Chief Executive Sir Simon Stevens had predicted it could go on to affect hundreds of thousands of people in the UK.

Back in October, another long Covid sufferer revealed the toll the disease had taken on her life.

Roweena Russell, from North Shields, started to show early symptoms of coronavirus on April 9 when she struggled to catch her breath and began to feel exhausted.

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Over the next few days, she began to suffer from memory loss, vomiting and felt constantly dizzy before she became so exhausted she had to ring an ambulance for help.

Despite having no underlying health conditions, Roweena was left suffering from long term symptoms of coronavirus which have changed her life.

The 45-year-old told Chronicle Live: "Before Covid, I was really healthy. I used to be able to do handstands, cartwheels and I would regularly take bike rides over 60 miles and it would only take me 10 minutes to recover.

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"Last week I walked 6,000 steps, the most I have been able to do since having the virus, and it took me three days to recover.

"My brain has been badly affected and is barely functioning now. I find it really hard to concentrate and focus. I'm so depleted and just feel exhausted.

"Every day I suffer from chest and kidney pains, my heart rate is all over the place and I can constantly taste blood in my mouth which makes me feel nauseous all of the time.

"I've had inflammation in my hands and feet and my hands have now changed shape and I've had to completely change my diet as any white carbs now leave me in agony."

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