Creep tried to abduct two kids in Brooklyn: cops

A creep tried to abduct two children in separate incidents in Brooklyn — but the tough kids both fought back and escaped, according to police, who detailed the disturbing pattern on Wednesday.

The first incident happened after 3 p.m on May 7, when a 10-year-old boy was walking home from school in Borough Park. The stranger approached the boy near the corner of Fort Hamilton Parkway and 58 Street and asked him if he wanted any ice cream, police said.

The child said no and tried to get away — so the man grabbed him by his backpack and wouldn’t let me him leave. But the brave boy fought back — trying to bite the man until he released his grasp, police said.

The uninjured child ran to safety and reported the incident.

Two days later around the same time, the predator tried abducting a second 10-year-old boy less than a mile away in Sunset Park.

Again, the child was walking home from school — this time in the area of 7th Avenue and 53rd Street — when the man approached and grabbed his arm and wouldn’t let him leave, police said.

The boy fought back — kicking at the stranger until he was able to get free.

The man fled, and the victim was not injured.

Police on Wednesday released a photograph of the suspect, whom they describe as being an adult Asian man, approximately 180 pounds and 5-foot-9 tall.

Authorities ask anyone with information to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-8477.

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