‘Cruel’ puppy farmer forced cats and dogs to live in rabbit hutches

‘Cruel’ puppy farmer who forced cats and dogs including designer French Bulldog and Shih Tzu breeds to live in ‘disgraceful’ rabbit hutches is banned from keeping animals

  • Janet Oxlade, 67, has been found guilty of 10 counts of animal cruelty in London 
  • Bexleyheath breeder kept popular puppy breeds like French Bulldogs in squalor
  • A total of 56 animals were found caged and caked in mud in her back garden 

A cruel puppy farmer has been banned from keeping animals after she crammed pedigree pets into tiny hutches in her back garden.

Cats and dogs were found covered in mud and faeces, freezing and emaciated in cages in Janet Oxlade’s garden in Bexleyheath, London.

The 67-year-old who bred popular French Bulldogs, Shih Tzus and Daschunds was found guilty of breaches of the Animal Welfare Act and was given a prison sentence of 20 weeks, suspended for 18 months.

She must also pay a total of £2115 in costs.

Animal welfare charity the RSPCA was notified of concerns from multiple sources and visited the property on January 25 where they found a ‘makeshift farm’.

The shocking conditions which RSPCA inspectors found at a puppy farm in a garden in London

Dogs and their puppies were outside in the cold curled up  in cages when inspectors found them

Cats were described as ‘excited’ but were locked inside small cages and not being exercised

The conditions of the makeshift farm were described as ‘the highest levels of cruelty’ by inspectors who were called out in January

Some of the dogs had little room to move while others were kept two at a time in tiny cages 

They found 38 dogs and 18 cats in ‘disgraceful’ conditions. 

Investigators recorded a video which shows the squalid conditions of the farm, kept in the garden of Oxlade’s home in Bexleyheath. 

Dogs can be seen whimpering and coated in mud – while cats can be seen stuck inside rabbit cages full of excrement. 

Witness RSPCA Inspector Cliff Harrison said: ‘There was filth and mud everywhere and the dogs couldn’t get out of the mud at all.

‘The animals were smothered in faeces, they just didn’t know where to go.

‘It’s utterly disgraceful to keep animals in these conditions while she lived in a clean house.’

Janet Oxlade locked animals in rabbit hutches and pens while her own house was kept ‘pristine’.

RSPCA officers and police raided the filthy farm and found the 56 emaciated animals, following customer tip-offs. 

At her address in Bexleyheath, south east London, mud coated animals were left outside in freezing conditions and left to starve.

Pedigree cats and fashionable dog breeds such as were found by investigators, as well as.

Animals on the makeshift farm suffered from illnesses ranging from eye infections to severe mouth disease. 

Jenet Oxlade at Bexley Magistrates Court on August 15th where she narrowly avoided a jail sentence 

Some of the puppies were suffering from illnesses and had to be treated by the RSPCA when taken off the breeder

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Oxlade was found guilty of ten charges under the Animal Welfare Act, including failing to meet the needs of animals to unnecessary suffering.

Prosecutor Sophie Read said: ‘Oxlade caused these animals unnecessary suffering.’

Magistrate Tim Fisher called the animal’s plight ‘the highest level of suffering.’

French bulldogs were among the dogs found in squalid cages after a breeder collected 56 dogs and failed to care for them

Oxlade, 67, had her makeshift farm searched by RSPCA inspectors on January 25. A total of 56 animals were seized

Dogs emerged from the cages with matted fur after customers tipped off animal welfare charities 

Animals appeared nervous when they were taken out on leads from the Bexleyheath garden 

He said: ‘The cruelty and exploitation of these animals was going on for a long period of time.

‘It is no defence to say the costs is too expensive – you had satellite cable TV in the house.

‘The RSPCA put in a lot of work in their investigation, that must be factored in.

‘You were ‘this’ close to having a custodial sentence.’

Oxlade’s offences ranged from October 2017 until January this year – when the animals were seized.

Complaints came filing in to the RSPCA, but they were unable to act until they had adequate evidence.

Bexleyheath Magistrate’s Court heard how because of a damaged foot and a heart condition, Oxley was unable to care for the animals properly.  

Carroll Lamport, from the RSPCA special investigation unit, said the conditions of the farm were typical among puppy breeders.

Cats were inside rabbit hutches in the garden while dogs were kept inside tiny cages in a shed

Multiple dogs were crammed inside wooden sheds in what was described as a makeshift farm by RSPCA inspectors

Dogs were covered in mud and faeces when they were found in January. Their owner has now been prosecuted and narrowly avoided prison

He said: ‘The conditions were horrific, one vet said that the dogs were so matted their fur looked like armour.

‘Behind the front door lied the truth of what went on there – it was mayhem.

‘It was far from the image she painted to the public.

‘How the neighbours put up with it for so long I don’t understand.’

Glen Hayes, 53, appeared before the court charged in relation to similar offences, and pleaded not guilty.

He is due to stand trial at the same court in November.

Oxley was banned from keeping any animals indefinitely.

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