Cuomo and Molinaro to debate this week

Game on!

Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro on Monday accepted the debate finally agreed to by Gov. Andrew Cuomo — and called for two more face-offs upstate.

“We’ll be there tomorrow,” Molinaro said in a conference call with reporters.

”We have what we asked for.”

The one-hour showdown is scheduled to be recorded Tuesday afternoon and aired that night on both TV and radio.

Molinaro praised The Post for pressing the debate issue by portraying the two-term governor in a chicken suit on its front page.

“The media, particularly the NY Post and others showed the power to get politicians to do what’s right . . . including with some colorful front pages. It’s important for the voters,” he said.

Molinaro said this is the first time that Cuomo has agreed to a one-on-one general election debate since becoming governor.

Molinaro also agreed to attend another debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters that will include the three minor party candidates.

But Cuomo still hasn’t said if he’ll be there.

Molinaro called for two more debates in struggling areas upstate — Buffalo and the Southern Tier that includes Binghamton.

“As usual, the forgotten upstate New Yorker is getting screwed by Andrew Cuomo,” said Molinaro.

Cuomo campaign spokeswoman Dani Lever said, “After days of ducking the debate, we’re glad Marc Molinaro has finally agreed. See you tomorrow.”

A Quinnipiac University poll released last week showed Cuomo leading Molinaro 58 to 35 percent.

Molinaro also is badly outgunned financially. Cuomo had more than $9 million in his campaign coffers — 45 times more than the $200,000 the GOP rival had — according to the most recent Board of Election filings.

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