Curious About Instagram's New Questions Sticker? We've Got Answers

Curious About Instagram’s New Questions Sticker? We’ve Got Answers

Your Instagram Stories are about to get a whole lot more interactive! Between the emoji slider and sharing your favorite music with your followers, it’s hard to imagine a time when our Stories were just simple photos or videos. Now, Instagram has unveiled a new Questions sticker for our followers to ask us questions and engage with us on an entirely new level. Whether you’re asking your favorite influencer which products she used to get that gorgeous highlight or you absolutely must find out your friend’s mac and cheese recipe, the interactive possibilities are endless.

Here’s how it works: after taking a photo or video for your Instagram Stories, tap the smiley face icon on the top right corner where you find your stickers. Click the new “Questions” sticker in the third row, type a prompt where it says “Ask me a question,” and place it anywhere on your story. When viewers watch your Story, they can reply to the sticker with any of their burning questions — and the best part is, they can ask as many questions they want. You can find the questions and replies to your prompt where you typically see who viewed your story. To answer a question, simply tap it in the “Responses” list and reply in a new story. (The original question will appear “for context;” however, the user who asked the question will be private.)

Read on to see exactly how to use the new Questions feature, and get to ‘gramming.

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