Cyclist crashes into another biker as speeding car hits him in horror footage

Police are investigating after a heart-stopping footage has emerged of a cyclist being hit by a passing car while riding in a bike lane.

The incident was recorded on an action camera by one of the cyclists in the group as they were riding in Newcastle, New South Wales in Australia.

Although the footage shared SBS World News presenter Michael Tomalaris was time-stamped as February, 2018, he claims that it happened over the weekend on Saturday, November 28.

In the clip, a group of cyclists are seen riding side by side within the bike lane while several cars drive past them.

As a white Honda minivan speeds past them, it collides with a cyclist, who then loses the balance and hits the floor.

His bike also slides into the rider next to him, sending him to topple from his bike as well.

The rest of the group manage to stop in time and rush to check on the two men.

The footage has been viewed more than 252,000 times and alerted New South Wales police, who later launched an investigation.

But officials said they were not able to confirm where or when the alleged incident occurred and could only say the incident had been reported and inquiries have commenced.

"Anyone with information is urged to come forward," NSW Police added in a statement.

Viewers urged all road users to be cautious when driving around cyclists.

One said: "The vehicle driver must be charged with attempted murder. They were cycling safely off the main road. There was plenty of room, light and a sizeable visible group. Utterly appalling."

Another wrote: "Maybe the driver was lacking awareness of how much they drifted left?"

But some argued why the group are riding two abreast and pointed out the cyclist was riding on the white line.

"They should have been single file, wheels on white line so handlebars over," a viewer commented.

"That doesn’t excuse the lack of overtaking space by the car, but the white line to many drivers define the limit of highway."

A second questioned: "Are they riding two abreast on a fast road? Cyclists are responsible for their own safety too.

"This is ridiculous and an accident waiting to happen."

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