Dad, 31, who needed FIFTY-TWO staples after boy, 17, stabbed him with a seven-inch hunting knife slams his attacker's 'pathetic' six-month jail sentence

A DAD who almost died after a teen thug stabbed him in London leaving him with a horrific 12-inch scar has blasted as “disgusting” his attacker’s six-month jail sentence.

Fezan Burki, 31, needed 52 staples in wounds after he was knifed in the stomach by a 17-year-old boy – who can’t legally be named – last November.

Dad-of-five Fezan from Romford, East London, said the yob plunged a seven-inch blade of a hunting knife into him three times in front of his wife, leaving him needing life-saving surgery.

Fezan required 52 staples to stitch up his wounds, which doctors told him would take 18 months to heal.

But the teen – who was known to Fezan – was jailed for just six months at Barkingside Magistrates' Court last week despite scarring Fezan for life.

Fezan told Sun Online: “I am disgusted. I feel an injustice has been done. It’s pathetic.


“Every day we are hearing in London about knife crime, but they get away with it.

“I would put my life on it that this guy will come out of prison and kill someone.

"It makes me feel angry. My belief in the justice system is gone. I feel it is a load of crap.

“He should have got a lesson to make him realise to never pick up a knife again."

The yob’s sentence comes amid growing outrage at knife-wielding criminals being handed lenient jail terms.

Thugs caught carrying knives and committing crimes several times are STILL escaping jail, a bombshell report warned in July.

Furious MPs demanded ministers review soft sentences after the shocking review showed the number of "super prolific offenders" who dodge prison has tripled since 2017.


This year has seen London's knife crime epidemic rage on, with more than 50 people fatally stabbed in the capital so in 2019.

A 15-year-old boy today became the 95th person to be killed in the capital this year after he was fatally stabbed in broad daylight.

Fezan described the sentence given to the thug who stabbed him "a slap on the wrist".

He says his wife Sahrish and their five kids were forced to flee their family home for their own safety after last year's horror knifing.

Fezan's clothes were left “drenched in blood” and his "life flashed across me” following the thug's cowardly attack.

He said: “I thought he was punching me. But I saw a hunting knife in his hand. All of a sudden I started to feel wet around my stomach. I saw so much blood.

"I said to my wife, "I think he has stabbed me".


"I held onto the wound really tightly. I thought I was going to die."

Shocking photos show his horrific wounds and scars as he recovered in The Royal London Hospital for three weeks.

Doctors performed an emergency operation on him within 24 hours of his stabbing as they battled to save Fezan's life when his intestine was damaged during the brute's callous attack.

Fezan, a full-time carer for two of his children, who are blind, was told it will take 18 months to recover from his wounds after he left hospital.

He got a six-month sentence and will serve three months inside – then he’s out. My faith in the justice system has been extremely let down

His teenage attacker was arrested after fleeing the scene.

Last week, he pleaded guilty to wounding/ inflicting GBH (section 20), which carries a maximum sentence of five years and a minimum jail term of six months.

The thug was caged for six month, leaving Fezan raging at the courts.

Fezan said: "He has probably gone to a young offenders now and he will get a Playstation. He will be given everything.

“He got a six-month sentence and will serve three months inside – then he’s out.

"How much injustice has been done is unbelievable. My faith in the justice system has been extremely let down.

"I feel so angry. I'm the victim and they treated me like a nobody."

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