Dad escapes ‘five rampaging elephants’ in water only to be savaged by crocodile

A dad-of-three managed to escape five rampaging elephants only to be savaged by a monster crocodile while searching for fish in a lake.

Winders Sianene, 43, has been left with his leg and hand amputated following the horrifying attack which took place in Zimbabwe last week.

The father said he was ambushed by a group of elephants while he was trying to fetch food by the Mbilizi River in Binga.

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He decided to jump into the river and swim away from them in the opposite direction in a bid to escape.

He explained: "I crossed to an island in the middle of the river so l could get more fish. Getting fish near the bank is now difficult since the water is now critically low.

"As I was still busy I saw five elephants approaching. They clearly wanted water and l was an obstacle. I tried scaring them away by splashing water but they didn't back down.

"That is when I decided to get into the water to try to swim to the opposite river bank."

Things then went from bad to worse when the dad felt something bite his leg in the water, reports BulawayoNews24.

Sianene said he shoved his hand inside the beast's mouth after it tried to rip it off.

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He added: "That's when I saw a chance of fighting it. I climbed on the crocodile and tightly held its head as l shoved my right hand into its big mouth.

"I knew I had to live at any cost so I made sure to keep my hold intact.

"Crocodiles have a small tongue so they do not want anything touching it as it hurts them.

"The crocodile started calming down as I had shoved my hand into its mouth.

"At that time there were a few people who had heard my cries and were swimming towards our direction carrying a big log that was meant to scare it away."

Luckily, help was on its way and the crocodile left him alone after the men placed a log underneath his, inside the monster's mouth.

Sianene continued: "The pain I felt was very severe but I concentrated on being alive. I now believe God works in mysterious ways because people rarely survive when they come across these two animals."


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