Dad hailed for leaving wife with sleepless baby to enjoy ‘boys trip’

A dad has won praise after he went on a “boy’s trip” with his friends and left his wife at home with their sleepless newborn.

The two new parents were struggling with their new baby, who was undergoing sleep regression – when a child has trouble settling down despite having previously slept well.

The dad, 33, explained that he had booked a 12-person group golfing trip with his friends, where they would spend three days on the course while staying away from home at an Airbnb.

His wife, 32, was initially supportive, and his plans were primed to go off without a hitch – until two weeks prior to the trip.

With their sleepless one-year-old baby causing trouble at home, she asked him to stay, sparking a massive argument.

The unnamed man shared his situation on Reddit via the AmITheA****le forum.

The forum acts as a space for people to ask whether they were in the wrong following an argument or disagreement with friends or family.

The dad said he ultimately decided to go ahead with the trip, leaving his wife furious as she had spent every night when their child woke up caring for the tot, who he said “would not accept” him.

He was left questioning whether he was right to leave, despite her fears that “it would be too much for her alone”.

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He added that the argument only snowballed, despite his offering to return the favour further down the line.

He said: “I told her that I’d gladly return the favour on a trip if she wanted to plan one, and encouraged her to do so.

“During my trip, she sent me texts and called me, very upset. When I returned home we had another argument about it.”

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He added: “We’ve since reconciled, but I know her stance on it has not changed, nor has mine.”

Commenters were quick to take his side, with several Reddit users saying his wife had “plenty of notice” to organise help from family or friends, and the dad noted he had helped try to organise some assistance.

One mum writing in the comments said that while sleep regression is tricky to deal with, it is “not an emergency”.

A dissenter said that, given his wife was afraid, her well-being and the “well-being of your family” should have come first.

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