Danny Tommo 'had cocaine-fuelled affair with married US woman'

Tommy Robinson’s right-hand man ‘had cocaine-fuelled affair with married US communications director now working for Texas congressman’

  • Danny Tommo allegedly had sexual relationship with US PR chief Lisa Barbounis
  • He allegedly bought cocaine for her while she helped with Tommy Robinson rally
  • Allegation came to light after mother of Tommo’s children discovered the ‘affair’ 

Tommy Robinson’s right-hand man is alleged to have had a cocaine-fuelled affair with a married US communications director who is now a Texas congressman’s communications director.

Danny Tommo, real name Daniel Thomas, is alleged to have had a sexual relationsihp with Lisa Barbounis while she worked for a think tank that had pledged money to support Robinson. 

Court documents suggest Thomas, 31, would buy cocaine for Mrs Barbounis while she was in the UK helping the ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ campaign on behalf of the Middle East Forum – an American conservative organisation. 

Tommy Robinson’s right-hand-man Danny Tommo ‘would do cocaine all night’ with Lisa Barbounis (pictured together at a rally outside the Old Bailey in 2019) while they had an affair. Barbounis was in London working for a think-tank that was supporting Robinson

Around $7,000 of a $32,000 sum was said ‘misappropriated for Thomas’ (pictured) own personal use,’ US court documents state 

Mrs Barbounis is being sued by the MEF, which accuses her of diverting funds intended for a rally, to Thomas, which he spent on buying a new house.

MEF’s lawsuit is a counterclaim against Mrs Barbounis, who has lodged a sexual harassment claim against its director, which he denies. 

Papers seen by The Times allege the married mother planned to emigrate to the UK to start a new life with Thomas, whom she met while supporting Robinson – whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.

The read: ‘During these visits, Barbounis and Thomas would stay together in the same hotel room(sometimes unwittingly paid for by MEF), engage in sexual relations, and use illegal drugs.’

Daniel Thomas is the right-hand man of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, also known as Tommy Robinson. The two are pictured with former UKIP leader Gerard Batten above

Barbounis was working in the UK to support the Free Tommy Robinson campaign, after the former EDL leader, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was jailed for making a broadcast of defendants attending court while reporting restrictions were in place 

Court documents state MEF provided $32,000 to Thomas to set up a rally in support of Tommy Robinson after he was jailed for 13 months for making a broadcast of defendants attending court while reporting restrictions were in place. 

Mrs Barbounis was sent to help set up the rally but quickly began an affair with Thomas, it is alleged.

Around the time of the rally, MEF claims that $7,000 of the sum was ‘misappropriated for (Thomas’) own personal use’.

Barbounis is said to have used her position in the US House of Representatives to threaten Thomas and the mother of his children after allegations came to light

Married mother Mrs Barbounis now works as communications director for Texas congressman Randy Weber 

Documents filed in the Pennsylvania Eastern District Court claim the money went on a new house for Thomas, while Barbounis made repeated assurances that she would not inform MEF about the money. 

The alleged affair only came to light after Jaz Bishop, the mother of Thomas’ children, found out about the relationship and contacted the MEF.

The documents claim Barbounis later used her position in the US House of Representatives to threaten both Bishop and Thomas. 

Thomas, who was at one point helping MEF with its case, is alleged to have said that he Barbounis would take cocaine whenever they met, adding: ‘Every time we were out she would ask me to get it and we would do cocaine all night’.’

Documents state Thomas, who was jailed for two years in 2016 for attempted kidnap, later broke off contact with MEF while it was trying to build its case.

MEF’s lawsuit is a counterclaim against Mrs Barbounis, who now works for Randy Weber, a Republican congressman in Texas.

Mrs Barbounis lodged a sexual harassment claim against MEF’s director, Gregg Roman, claiming he stuck his foot under her rear-end and made an inappropriate comment.

Mr Roman denies the claim – along with separate allegations made by two other members of staff. 

MailOnline has approached Lisa Barbounis for comment.

Neither Barbounis or Thomas replied to The Times’ approach for comment. 

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