De Blasio says large gatherings in NYC may not happen this summer

As the number of suspected coronavirus patients in ICUs across the city’s 11 public hospitals increased after dipping, Mayor Bill de Blasio said he’s “not confident” that the Big Apple will be able to have large gatherings in June, July or even August.

“Here’s a situation where we don’t have good news,” the mayor said during a conference call with reporters as he explained that the number of people in ICUs throughout NYC Health and Hospitals went up from 835 on Saturday to 850 on Sunday.

The percentage of people tested who are positive for coronavirus also increased citywide from 58.1 percent on Saturday to 59.1 percent on Sunday, the mayor said.

However, the number of people admitted to city hospitals for suspected COVID-19 went down from 383 on Saturday to 326 on Sunday, according to de Blasio.

“We had a really good day yesterday,” de Blasio said, adding that there was “progress in all those indicators,” but he said, “Today no such luck.”

“It’s not going to happen overnight,” he said. “There’s going to be good days and bad days.”

However, “it does not mean you should be discouraged. It’s just a reminder we’re gonna’ fight our way out of this,” de Blasio said as he urged New Yorkers to continue to follow stay-at-home orders and social distance.

De Blasio, who previously announced that the city’s schools will be closed through the fall despite Gov. Andrew Cuomo saying the mayor does not have the authority to do that, said, “We’re confident at this moment we can reopen the schools in September.”

“But,” de Blasio said, “We’re not confident about June, we’re not confident about July and we’re not confident about August that we could have people gathering together again in large numbers.”

When asked about the reopening of the Summer Youth Employment Program that was cut from the city’s budget for this summer in response to the coronavirus pandemic, de Blasio said “I don’t see that scenario at this moment.”

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