De Blasio says NYC is ‘still in the throes’ of crisis as ICU patients increase

The number of suspected coronavirus patients in ICUs across the city’s 11 public hospitals has continued to increase, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday, explaining that the Big Apple is “still in the throes of this crisis.”

People in ICUs throughout NYC Health and Hospitals went up from 850 on Sunday to 868 on Monday.

“Unfortunately this number has gone up,” de Blasio said during a conference call with reporters as he noted that the number of people admitted to city hospitals for suspected COVID-19 has also increased after dipping.

That number went from 326 on Sunday to 370 on Monday, the mayor said, noting that there is a two-day lag in the hospital statistics.

The percentage of people tested who are positive for coronavirus decreased citywide from 60 percent on Sunday to 53 percent on Monday, said de Blasio, adding that those numbers “have gone in a good direction.”

“It’s a mixed bag today,” the mayor said of the city statistics. “This will be a day by day fight. There continues to be signs of progress…it’s a reminder to don’t let up on the gas – hang tough.”

Commenting further on the newly released data, de Blasio said, “No one should think we’ve got this perfect trend in the right direction. We just don’t.”

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