Dead mum’s rotting body found seeping through walls and floorboards by her own kids

Dianne Hanna’s bodily fluids soaked through floorboards, walls and tiles of her Grafton, New South Wales home, reports Daily Mail Australia.

The 57-year-old’s daughter, Katharine, 33, said her mum’s body was discovered on November 8 after a mate visited to mow her lawns.

She told the website that he noticed the bins hadn’t been cleared, “then he noticed a smell… he found her, the poor guy”.

The cops were called, with the siblings only learning of their mum’s death after one of Katharine’s two brothers noticed several police cars parked out front when he drove past the house.

After her mother's body was removed, Katharine was hoping to immediately clean the property so her younger brothers, Andrew and Patrick, could “come and grieve their mum”.

But she found that “every single room was contaminated”.

In an interview with the Daily Examiner, Katherine explained: “I walked in and it was just a full-on crime scene. Mum had been there they think for two weeks.

“She had collapsed in the doorway to the kitchen and bathroom. Because she had been there for so long and it had been hot, she had gone a long way in the decomposition process.

“There was mess in every room of the house due to the bugs and everything, and the smell.”

Although she asked the local police to help her clean up the mess, she was allegedly told that it was her responsibility, so she bought gloves and bleach, “but I couldn’t do it”.

Katharine then called National Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning, which advised her against trying to tackle the house herself.

The specialist forensic cleaners inspected the home and told the family it would be a large job, as the bathroom would need to be ripped out, along with half of the kitchen and hall.

Describing the scene as “nothing short of horrific”, Katharine added, “Bodily fluids have contaminated the wood in the walls.

"Mum’s remains have gone through tiles, concrete, right down to the floorboards.”

Her mother’s body is undergoing a post-mortem to determine the cause of death.

In the meantime, the family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money towards the clean-up costs, which could reach £8,400 (AUS$15,000).

The page says: “There is also extensive structural and internal damage that will need to be handled quickly to ensure that the house can be lived in again.

“The total we will need to spend on tradespeople to ensure the house will once again be structurally sound and inhabitable is unknown.

“Without this we cannot clean up and save our family home.”

Funeral arrangements are “on hold as Mum’s remains had to be sent away for further investigative testing.

“We cannot afford a funeral now after our deposit for this extensive clean up.”

The fundraising page, which describes the siblings as "devastated" by their loss, also says that Katharine and her brothers’ “resources are now drained, just placing the deposit to start this process.

“Any contribution in our time of need would be so amazingly generous and we’d be forever eternally grateful.”

Katharine told the Daily Examiner that she did not realise that it was up to the family to foot the bill for the clean-up.

She added: “We assume she had home and contents insurance, but I can’t get access to her affairs yet to make decisions on anything. We can’t even find her will, so we’re in a bit of a spot.”

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