Deadly cobra, which can spit venom, loose in North Carolina neighborhood

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A deadly cobra is on the loose in North Carolina — and it can spew poisonous venom from nine feet away, authorities said.

The zebra cobra, which can cause tissue damage or even death when it bites or spits, was last seen Tuesday on a porch on Sandringham Drive in northwest Raleigh, news station WRAL reported.

Police said the snake, which is nocturnal and has black vertical stripes, escaped from its owner in the Brittany Woods neighborhood, WRAL reported.

The snake is typically shy, but will bite or spit its killer venom if cornered by a person, USA Today reported.

Its venom can be launched from nine feet away and cause someone’s nervous system to shut down, officials said.

Zebra cobras aren’t native to North Carolina or even the US, the outlet reported. The cobras originate from Africa, but there are no laws prohibiting exotic pets in the state.

Residents of the neighborhood where it’s on the loose said they fear for the safety of kids and pets.

“It is pretty alarming. It seems like a pretty dangerous snake, and dogs like to sniff in the grass and check things out,” Brittany Woods resident Mark Pavlic told WRAL. “It’s an extreme worry.”

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