Defiant Boris Johnson refuses to resign if the Supreme Court rules he lied to the Queen – The Sun

DEFIANT Boris Johnson has ruled out resigning if Britain’s top judges decide tomorrow morning that he lied to the Queen.

The Supreme Court delivers its landmark verdict in the legal showdown between No10 and MPs over Parliament’s suspension at 10.30am.

Issuing his own pre-emptive strike last night, the PM also refused to rule out proroguing it a second time.

Instead, he insisted he was right to ask Her Majesty to order the controversial five week suspension as it wasn’t about muzzling the Commons on Brexit.

Asked if his position will be untenable if he was found to have mislead the 93-year-old monarch, the PM insisted: “No. I think the reasons for wanting a Queen’s Speech are extremely good”.

Boris spoke while meeting world leaders during a two day-long UN summit.

Also during a frantic day in New York yesterday, the PM:

  • Held crunch Brexit talks last night in a three way meeting with Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron;
  • Declared the West’s nuclear pact with Iran “a bad deal” in a fresh bid to reopen talks between Teheran and Donald Trump;
  • Faced criticism for allowing nine different members of his Government to fly across the Atlantic to the UN’s climate change summit yesterday;
  • Prepared to pledge to “roll out the red carpet” to US businesses with tax breaks and a bonfire of tape after Brexit in a speech today.

Mr Johnson’s critics have called for his head if the judges today rule that he acted illegally in suspending Parliament.


Mounting another impassioned defence of the action, Boris insisted: “As everybody knows, Parliament has been sitting for the longest period since the civil war.

“To the best of my knowledge, it has not sat in the period between the end of September and beginning of October in a hundred years.

“We must have a Queen’s speech. We have a big domestic agenda. We have to get on with tackling the people’s agenda.

“When it comes to Parliamentary scrutiny, what are we missing? Four or five days, when it’s had three years to discuss this issue.

“Donnez-moi un break. It’s absolute nonsense.”

Mr Johnson instead laid down the gauntlet to MPs, saying: “I think the people of this country aren’t convinced Parliamentarians want to get Brexit done, now is the time to show it.”

We must have a Queen’s speech. We have a big domestic agenda. We have to get on with tackling the people’s agenda.

He also refused to rule out proroguing Parliament a second time even if the judges rule the first one illegal.

Asked to say he wouldn’t send MPs away again, Boris ducked the question to say instead: “I am saying Parliament will have bags of time to scrutinise the deal and that’s what I hope it’s able to do.”

Seven of the 11 Supreme Court judges who presided over last week’s three day appeal hearing will be present in court this morning for the judgement’s handing down by president Lady Hale.

The large number is being interpreted as a sign that the judges were split on their thinking.

Theresa May’s former chief of staff in No10 slammed Boris yesterday over the prorogation decision, dubbing it “bad politics”.

Lord Barwell also said it would be a “very serious issue” if Mr Johnson was found to have acted illegally.

Labour's Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer said Parliament should be recalled immediately if the Supreme Court finds against No10, vowing: “I’ll get the first train back.”

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