Deformed baby cow born with one eye and no nose sparks a frenzy in India

The deformed newborn, from the Bardhaman district of West Bengal, has one single large eye and no nose at all.

The deformed animal was said to have been rejected by its mother – but then adopted by locals who are now caring for it.

A bizarre video appears to show it gasping for breath. Local sources claim it is being worshipped "as a God".

A source said: "Ever since the calf was born, the people have crowded to see it. They are now considering it to be a miracle of God and have started worshipping it.

"The cow had been discarded by its mother and the women are feeding the cow.

"The people think that worshipping the cow is going to bring luck and prosperity to the family of whoever worships it."

The calf actually suffers from cyclopia which is a rare congenital disorder that occurs in both humans and animals when a sole eye is located where the nose would normally be.

It develops in the womb when the left and right hemispheres of the brain do not separate as they are meant to early in the pregnancy.

A creature with cyclopia can sometimes distinguish light and dark but will not have proper vision because its retina won't form properly.

The term "cyclopia" comes from the Cyclops, the one-eyed giants of Greek mythology, a mythical race of lawless giant shepherds who lived in Sicily.

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