Derek Carr on Carl Nassib coming out: 'We have his back and he's our brother'

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr won't have a problem supporting Carl Nassib after Nassib came out as gay. Carr said he reached out to Nassib following his announcement and said, "I will always have your back."

Carr made those comments while appearing on the Cris Collinsworth podcast featuring Richard Sherman on Tuesday. Carr explained that he reached out to Nassib following the announcement, and offered support to Nassib. 

"I said, 'Carl, I love you, bro.' And I said, 'You know I love you and I got your back no matter what. You're my brother. And all I want to do is win a Super Bowl with you.'"

While Carr said the rest of team has Nassib's back, Carr also admitted some players have "raised a question or two" about the situation.

"Our team has been all for having his back. That doesn't mean everyone agrees with the lifestyle or agrees with that. We live in a country where nowadays people think if you don't agree then you can't love one another and have their back, and that is the farthest thing from the truth. 

"There are some guys that have raised a question or two, but they all say, without a doubt, 'We have his back and he's our brother. So if you want to mess with him, you have to go through us.'"

After playing two seasons with both the Cleveland Browns and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Nassib spent the 2020 season with the Raiders. Carr was drafted by the Raiders in 2014.

Carl Nassib became first active player to come out as gay

In June, Nassib released a video on social media announcing he is gay. In doing so, he became the first active NFL player to come out. Nassib said he had been meaning to make the announcement "for a while."

Nassib's announcement was met with support from the Raiders, NFL and various players around the league. New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley told Nassib "much respect." Warren Moon, JJ Watt and Julian Edelman also sent out supportive messages for Nassib.  

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