Derelict barn on Blenheim Palace estate transformed into stunning £500k three-bed home available for rent

A DERELICT barn on the Blenheim Palace estate has been converted into a luxurious £500,000 home that has gone on the market.

Foxhole Barn was originally used as a farm storage building on the vast rural property where Sir Winston Churchill was born.

But the barn was abandoned 20 years ago when it was replaced by a more modern agricultural building.

With the building in danger of collapsing, bosses at Blenheim decided to give it an overhaul and put it to use as a rental property.

It has since undergone a stunning conversion into a three bedroom, two storey home that has magnificent views over the Oxfordshire countryside.

Foxhole Barn is now worth half-a-million pounds — but is available to rent for £3,500 a month.

Matthew Neilson, head of property at Blenheim, said: "The overall design approach was to retain as much of the existing stone structure as possible in order to preserve and enhance the character of the site.

"Our in-house building project team, working with local contractors, made use of the existing openings in the building fabric, enlarging some to maximise the views from the site and the new openings are kept simple and in character with the property.

"The regeneration of the redundant farm building has allowed us to preserve the quirks of the building and the character of the site while at the same time providing a luxurious three-bedroom residential letting property.

"The original walled garden is a large part of the barn’s character and the restoration, which involved retaining the numerous windows and openings in the barn as well as repairing the walls has really breathed new life into the property."

Covering a total of 1,797sq ft, the property features a study, kitchen, living space and utility room on the ground floor with a master bedroom and ensuite, a double and a single bedroom as well as a bathroom and storage space on the first floor.

Two large, floor to ceiling windows, which make use of original entrances into the barn, flood the ground floor with light and provide extensive views over the surrounding countryside.

Four bat boxes have been incorporated into the design along with a barn owl loft to encourage local wildlife.

The renovation is part of a wider programme of works at Blenheim to transform abandoned buildings into luxury barn conversions.

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