Devastated dog stands on ruins of Ukrainian home after Russians kill his family

A heartbroken dog in Ukraine was left confused and alone after a Russian missile strike hit his home, destroying it and killing his family.

Attacks on the city of Dnipro killed Krym the dog's owners Natalia, her children Vasylisa and Ivan, twelve and eight, their grandmother Alla, and their other dog, Jack.

Krym, whose name translates to Crimea, was found howling on top of the ruins of his home before first responders at the scene took him to the vet.

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Krym wasn't the only one whose life was shattered by this particular strike – the children's father returned home from fighting on the front line to discover his house and family destroyed.

Footage taken at the scene shows a first responder trying to usher Krym away but he refuses to budge, looking forlorn as he glances around for his owners among the rubble where his home used to be.

Krym reportedly wasn't eager to leave the sight where his house was destroyed, with some on social media speculating that he may have been deafened and blinded when the missile struck.

Krym's family had moved to their grandmother's house at the start of the invasion of Ukraine so that the whole family could be together. It was in her neighbourhood that the devastating missile strike occurred.

Mayor of Dnipro, Dnipro Filatov, said: "You've seen the photos of this shell pit around 8 meters deep and 10 meters wide. People in the epicenter of the explosion were literally evaporated; Grandmother Alla, mother Natasha, her daughter Vasylisa, 12 years old, son Ivan, 8 years old, and little pet dog Jack.

"Only old shell-shocked dog Krym survived and was howling at the ruins."

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At least 25 were reportedly killed in the attack on the city in the Dnipropetrovsk province in central Ukraine.

Meanwhile, around 50 more were wounded and around 60 buildings were damaged including apartment blocks, a school, a shop, and several administrative buildings.

The news comes following another shock speech by Putin in which he blamed the West for blowing up an underwater gas pipeline in the Balkan Sea, causing the energy crisis to worsen.

The Russian warmonger blamed both the US and UK, pointing the finger at "Anglo-Saxons" and claiming that the countries had helped to "organise explosions of [Nord Stream] pipelines in the Balkan sea."

The pipeline was blown up earlier this week, creating two major leaks in the gas pipelines to Europe.

While it hasn't been proven that the Kremlin was behind the attack, the US has said it "seems" Russia is to blame.

And today, Putin announced the annexation of around 15% of Ukraine.

Four Ukrainian regions, or Oblasts – Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia – reportedly held "referendums" in which they allegedly voted in favour of becoming part of Russia.

The Russian despot said Ukraine and "its real masters in the West" must know "the citizens of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhia, and Kherson have become our citizens forever."

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