Dimitrios Pagourtzis Has Been Charged With Capital Murder And Will Not Get Bond

Pagourtzis is currently in police custody.

Another school shooting is being investigated in the Texas town of Santa Fe, and a suspect identified as Dimitrios Pagourtzis, age 17. Pagourtzis was armed with a shotgun and a 0.38 revolver and is believed to have created pipe bombs and a pressure cooker bomb. The shooting took place at Santa Fe High School at 7:30 a.m. Central Time just as students were arriving at school.

According to CNN, Governor Greg Abbott said at a press conference that both guns were legally owned by the suspect’s father. Abbott says there were no “red flag” warning signs.

“We need to do more than just pray for the victims and their families. It’s time in Texas that we take action to step up and make sure this tragedy is never repeated ever again.”

The governor said that the suspected shooter had planned to commit suicide after carrying out the attack, but he lost his nerve and gave up. At this time, 10 people are dead (nine students and one teacher) and 10 more are injured. The pipe bombs and pressure cooker bombs were found inside Santa Fe High School and in adjacent areas. Police cannot confirm at this time if any of the devices had exploded.

Dimitrios Pagourtzis has been processed by the sheriff’s department, has been charged with capital murder, and will not get bond.

Dallas News says that the accused school shooter had a Facebook account which was removed soon after the attack on the high school. Compromising photos of a t-shirt with the words “Born To Kill” and a trench coat with Nazi symbols that students say Pagourtzis wore every day was pictured on the now-deleted account.

A law enforcement source said the scene at Santa Fe High School was bloody.

“Officers inside encountered a bloody mess in the school. Evidently, this guy threw pipe bombs all in there. We don’t know if any of them went off.”

KTRK says that the investigation is ongoing and is now at a second location four miles from the school. Police and bomb technicians surrounded a house in Galveston County on Highway 6 but have not gone in yet for fear of explosives or some type of booby trap. It is unclear how this particular residence is related to the crime being investigated, but the trailer home is surrounded and a perimeter is marked off for safety. Police are using remote devices to investigate the trailer from the outside before heading in.

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