Dirtbike rider nails landing after stadium lights are turned off

Who turned out the lights? Stuntbike rider is shocked when stadium unexpectedly goes dark during daring leap… but he still nails the landing

  • Motocross rider Travis Cady was pitched into darkness as he attempted a jump
  • Stadium production crew flicked off lights by accident during demonstration
  • But incredibly Travis managed to successfully nail the jump at Amsoil Arena

Stunning footage shows a stuntbike rider landing a huge jump despite stadium lights being turned off accidentally during his daring leap.

Professional motocross rider Travis Cady was stunned when he was pitched into darkness during a freestyle motocross demonstration at the Amsoil Arena in Duluth, US.

The lights were turned out after Travis had told the lighting crew there would be fewer jumps in the demonstration than there were.

Travis said: ‘I had miss-communicated with the production crew of the number of jumps in our freestyle motocross demo. The lighting crew cut the lights mid-air on my last jump. There was a totally unexpected blackout. Luckily, I rode away safe.’ 

Footage recorded on Travis’s helmet-camera shows him entering the stadium through a tunnel before speeding towards a ramp.

As his bike hurtles through the air, the lights of the stadium, which is packed with people, turn off.

After a nail-biting six seconds the lights are turned back to reveal Travis on his bike in corner of the stadium.

The motocross event formed part of the Aad Shrine Circus featuring other daring acts such as featured a flying trapeze. 

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