Disney fanatic mum 'shamed for breastfeeding in Magic Kingdom after Disney World photographer REFUSED to take her picture'

Natalee Jorge-Martin claims she was left devastated after one of the resort’s professional photographers refused to snap the family-of-three until she had finished nursing.

The 28-year-old has now called for an end to the stigma surrounding breastfeeding, and wants more mothers to feel comfortable nursing their children whenever and wherever they need to.

The Miami-based business owner and blogger and her husband Rogelio are big Disney fans, and take their baby daughter Delilah with the on regular trips to Disney World.

However, during one trip in late 2017, the couple claim that a professional photographer at the resort refused to take a photograph of the family of three until Natalee had finished nursing.

Natalee alleges: “The photographer plainly said, ‘you have to cover up or take the baby off for the picture’ and refused to take the picture.

“I was so confused, I honestly couldn’t believe what was happening and I was completely frozen. I couldn’t even react.

“Most of Disney World is completely breastfeeding friendly. You can nurse anywhere in the park and not be asked to cover up or leave – not by cast members at least.”

She has now called for the stigma around breastfeeding to finally come to an end, claiming the female form needs to be seen for its natural, nurturing capabilities and not just in a sexualized way.

Natalee said: “It’s completely normal in my family and something we don’t even think about.

“My mother breastfed me and my two brothers for almost two years each.

“Breastmilk is the best first food for a baby. It’s the most nutritional food created.”

She added: “I’ve always seen women who breastfed in public as strong, powerful and wonderful mothers.

“It’s perfectly normal to be nervous to nurse in public because I was at first too.

“Feeding your child is a basic human need that is essential to their survival.

“The more people see a woman proudly nursing in public, the quicker it will be normalised.”

The Sun has reached out to Disney World for comment.

The news of Natalee’s Disney experience comes just weeks after mortified mum was left in tears after being ordered to stop breastfeeding on an EasyJet flight.

Elsewhere, another breastfeeding mum was booted out of a Costa coffee shop after nursing her child in the outlet without making a purchase.


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