Docs ‘want to vaccinate young people’ as they’re ‘running out of people to jab’

Medics say they’re starting to run out of people to vaccinate and urging the Government to let them jab young people.

Doctors want an opening up of the immunisation process to ensure a steady flow of arms for the vaccine.

They don’t want to get to a point where staff are having to bin injections simply because the Government has yet to call up younger age groups.

Medics at the Francis Crick Institute in London have been only providing first jabs at a rate of 100 a day when they have the capacity for 1,000.

Sam Barrell, from the institute, which has opened as a mass vaccination centre, said: "Every day lost, when you have vaccine supply and vaccinators, is lives lost and livelihoods lost."

GPs in some areas have quietly got the green light from NHS officials to innoculate younger patients.

Meanwhile, Kate Garraway is among the celebrities urging the nation to stay home during the third lockdown and protect the NHS.

The famous faces can be seen telling the nation to stay at home so the country can finally beat Covid-19 in a new video.

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It comes after claims a Covid vaccination centre capable of delivering 2,000 jabs a day has been mothballed just weeks after opening.

The Ravenscraig Sports Centre in Motherwell, Scotland, has been reportedly blighted by so-called "ghost patients" with hundreds of people failing to turn up to get the Covid-19 jab.

British holidaymakers could also have to pay up to £30 each for vaccine certificates from their GPs.

  • Delays between vaccine doses provide better immunity, says chief clinical researcher

They will able to ask for written proof they have had the coronavirus jab if they want to travel overseas.

Holiday hotspots including Spain, the Canary Islands and Greece are among countries saying tourists will not need to quarantine if they have received the vaccine.

Ministers say the UK is not looking at introducing ‘vaccine passports’ to allow people to travel once they have had both doses of a Covid-19 vaccine.

  • A third of adults avoided going to doctor for health symptoms since pandemic, study says

But they are considering how UK residents with protection can travel once the lockdown is over.

Downing Street has set a number of key dates between now and September that we should all take note of.

Of course, they're subject to change (and knowing our PM, probably will change) but there are a number of vaccine and everyday life-related targets.

Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi said Brits can ask their GP for written proof of it.

But many people will have to fork out for it and practices can set their own fees.

Doctors can charge for writing vaccine certificates which fall outside their NHS contract, the Daily Mail reported.

Fees can range from £15 to £30 for each document.

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