Doctor Who fan fuming after getting ‘wonky’ TARDIS tattoo and grim infection

A "dodgy" tattooist left a Doctor Who fan furious over their botched TARDIS tattoo – which left her needing a £350 cover-up.

Former customers claim that tattooist Karl Eginton either failed to refund them or left them dissatisfied with his work, HullLive reports.

Mr Eginton reportedly worked in Goole, Yorkshire, during the pandemic and he has since relocated to Hull where he continued to work, first in guest spots and then from a location on Market Place.

One customer accuses Mr Eginton of taking money without completing work and another for some shoddy ink that one woman claims left her needing the expensive cover-up.

Kirsty Walker says she was first booked in for September 2020 to make her vision of a bespoke Doctor Who tattoo come to life, but claims she ended up being left with a terrible TARDIS that required reworking by a new artist.

She said: "I first contacted Karl during the first lockdown and he was happy to accept my request, I'd asked for a bespoke Doctor Who tattoo and gave clear guidance for what I'd like.

"Karl requested the money in full rather than a deposit, as it helped him stay afloat while he couldn't be open. I thought nothing of this due to the pandemic.

"I'd asked to see the design before being booked in which he said was fine, but every time I asked he said he was doing it 'soon'. That soon never came.

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"A month after I'd paid the £100, he asked for another £50 because it was a bigger tattoo than he initially thought. I just paid for it."

When she finally got an appointment, Kirsty said "he hadn't drawn anything so I had to wait for him to make my design. He didn't draw anything, just copied and pasted from designs online".

She went on: "I asked for a Van Gogh sky with a TARDIS, a sunflower and a rose to represent characters and two pieces of script. There was an overall space theme.

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"When we had finished the session, he had to stop because it was late and said he would book me back in to finish."

She added: "If I'd have known I was blowing £150 on a two-hour session with not much to show for it, I would have walked out."

The tattoo parlour where Mr Eginton was working at the time of Kirsty's experience has since distanced itself from him, saying he only worked as a guest at the shop.

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Around a week after getting the tattoo, it became infected.

Kirsty then enlisted the help of Jordan from True Colour, York, who agreed to help her get a tattoo that she could be proud of.

She said the new tattooist was shocked by the state she had been left in and completed an intensive cover-up which cost her a further £350.

Hull City Council has confirmed Mr Eginton is currently under investigation.

He has been contacted by the Daily Star for comment.

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