Dog strangler caught on CCTV ‘killing’ innocent pooch claims he was just drunk

A bloke who was caught on CCTV strangling an innocent stray dog has blamed his actions on being drunk.

Enes Çağrı K, 30, was unwittingly caught in the act strangling a large dog in Sarıyer, Istanbul, Turkey on November 27, 2022.

Footage spread online of the despicable act, and police eventually intervened. The bloke has now been jailed for one year and three months.

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In the footage, the suspect tries to crush the dog by pressing it with his hands before the desperate pooch tries to escape. However, the suspect again tries to catch the dog and strangle it.

The dog hadn't attacked Çağrı and when locals saw what he was doing, they reportedly threw pots at him.

The defendant said that he was drunk and that he regretted the incident, but was still charged with "attempting to deliberately kill a pet".

The court noted that his confession was an "evasive" one.

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He was reminded that when a crime is committed under the influence of voluntarily taken alcohol and drugs, "this situation does not reduce or remove the criminal responsibility," as reported by Haber Turk.

The stray animal injured in the incident was taken under protection by the Sarıyer Municipality and given treatment.

Çağrı was identified by mobile phone footage, shot by a local who witnessed the attack.

He was initially released with a fine before new footage emerged and he was hauled back before the courts.


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