Donald Trump Approval Rating Polls Drop Again, Support In Midwestern 'Trump Country' Also Slipping, Polls Show

Approval rating polls for Donald Trump over the last week are out and once again they contain no good news for Trump, even showing his hardcore support in ‘Trump Country’ starting to erode.

Approval rating polls for Donald Trump showed another drop this week, according to the overall average of all major polls compiled by the data site The real bad news for Trump came from a series of state polls taken in the heart of so-called “Trump Country,” the Midwestern rust belt states which were crucial to Trump’s 2016 electoral college victory. These states are popularly pointed to as the reason Trump now sits in the White House, despite proving significantly less popular than Democrat Hillary Clinton with American voters in that election.

Trump lost the 2016 popular vote to Clinton by approximately 2.8 million votes, or 2.1 percentage points, according to a report from Cook Political. However, he scored surprising and narrow victories in several Midwestern states, most significantly Wisconsin and Michigan which together with Pennsylvania put Trump over the 270 electoral vote total required to win the election. Trump won those states by a combined total of 77,743 votes.

In each of those three states, Trump’s approval rating is now drowning. He has negative net approval numbers, which represent the difference between his “approve” number and his “disapprove” number, in all three, according to results compiled by the polling firm Morning Consult. In Pennsylvania, Trump’s net approval is -5; in Michigan, it is -8, and in Wisconsin, where Trump won in 2016 by a mere 10,704 votes or 0.8 percentage points, he is now suffering a -13 net approval.

Polls taken in Midwestern states by NBC News also show Trump in trouble in “Trump Country.” In both Michigan and Wisconsin, only 36 percent of voters in that poll give Trump a thumbs-up, while 54 and 52 percent registered negative opinions of Trump in the poll. In Minnesota, where Trump lost to Clinton by only 1.5 percentage points, his net approval rating is now -13 points, according to NBC.

In the overall average of national approval rating polls for Trump, as the Inquisitr reported, last Saturday Trump stood at just 41.7 percent approval. That number has ticked down to 41.3 by July 29. The drop looks somewhat worse when compared to Trump’s number last Sunday, which stood at an even 42 percent.

On Friday, one of Trump’s most outspoken supporters in the media, “Judge” Jeanine Pirro of Fox News claimed that even after Trump’s disastrous meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 16, “his numbers continued to go up.” But as Inquisitr noted, Pirro appears to be wrong. Trump’s approval rating decreased after the Putin meeting, in the overall average of all polls, and has continued to decline in the subsequent week.

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