Donald Trump ‘Must Be Impeached’ Immediately, Says Maxine Waters

In an interview broadcast on Sunday, Democratic Representative Maxine Waters suggested that President Donald Trump should be impeached immediately, Raw Story reports.

Unlike the vast majority of her Democratic colleagues, Waters does not believe that the Congress should wait for Robert Mueller’s official report.

Instead of waiting for the special counsel to determine whether Trump colluded with official Kremlin to sway the election in his favor or not, the United States Congress should start impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump immediately, according to Waters.

“We have the consultants and the pundits and all of them saying don’t talk about the impeachment,” the California Democrat said, adding the following.

“His supporters are going to be there for him no matter what — we know what percentage that is. So waiting for Mueller, to get permission based on his report to do this, is not something that I agree with.”

Waters also argued that Russia has “done everything to basically undermine” democracy in the United States. The Democratic Party can decide to wait for Robert Mueller’s final report, but they will inevitably come to the same conclusion, suggested Waters, that President Donald Trump must be impeached.

Maxine Waters may have acknowledged that strategists and media figures are advising the Democratic Party to avoid talks of impeachment, but she is not the first Democrat to call for it this week.

Following the publication of BuzzFeed News‘ seemingly damning report, which alleges that Donald Trump directed his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to the United States Congress about Trump’s business dealings in Russia, some of Waters’ party colleagues suggested that impeachment would be the appropriate answer, providing that the report is true.

Others, as Vox noted, accused Trump of committing obstruction of justice and called for his resignation.

But as previously reported by the Inquisitr, media frenzy and calls for impeachment died down following Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s decision to dispute the report, and the Washington Post and New York Times‘ subsequent failure to independently confirm the claims made in BuzzFeed.

Apart from discussing the prospect of Donald Trump’s impeachment and openly advocating for it, Maxine Waters touched upon the ongoing government shutdown caused by Trump’s insistence on receiving funding for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Waters addressed the hundreds of thousands of federal workers left without pay, vowing that the Democratic Party will do everything it can to end the shutdown, and suggesting once again that Donald Trump should be impeached.

“We are going to do everything we can to support you and get this government open and this president must be impeached,” Waters said.

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