Donkey cheese is a thing and it costs £900 per kg

Donkey cheese is white, dense, rich, similar to breast milk and very expensive.

The unique product from Serbia will set you back €1,000 (£900) a kilo.

The cheese’s maker Slobodan Simic justifies the price by claiming it treats a range of ailments, including asthma and bronchitis.

This hasn’t been scientifically proven so don’t take his word for it.

What we do know is donkey milk is high in protein and has been recognised by the UN as a good alternative for those with allergies to cow’s milk.

Mr Simic also claims no-one else can make donkey cheese like his workers and describes it as a ‘wonder of nature.’

A staff member discovered portions of donkey milk could be mixed with some from goats in order to craft the crumbly mounds of cheese.

The milk has low levels of casein – a type of protein that acts as a binding agent in cheese-making.

The mixture also helps to maximise the output of donkeys that produce less than a litre of milk a day – a fraction of the 40 litres a cow can provide.

The farm in Zasavica, which has more than 200 donkeys, sells between six and 15 kilos of cheese a year, mainly to foreigners and tourists.

They also produce donkey milk soap and liquor.

The money from the sales helps Mr Simic to protect the Balkan donkey, which has dwindled in numbers since machines were brought in to replace it agriculture.

Mr Simic added: ‘We are maintaining the need for this animal and now there are more and more donkey farms, the demand for donkeys is higher… which is a very good thing for us and the region.’

It was rumoured in 2012 Serbia’s tennis star Novak Djokovic had bought up an annual supply of donkey cheese but this report turned out to be false.

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