Doudrop says she’s thriving in WWE role after encouragement from Vince McMahon

WWE’s Doudrop says can ‘understand’ the criticism of her on-screen character – but reckons she’s slowly making a success of her new role on Raw.

The former NXT UK favourite was no stranger to wrestling fans around the world when she made her debut on Monday Night Raw back in the summer.

Up to that point she’d grappled on the UK arm of the company’s developmental brand and made a significant name for herself on the independents, too.

Within a week of appearing on the company’s flagship show, though, the Scot had been repackaged as ‘Doudrop’, the protégé of Eva Marie.

With a look and character that was something of a departure from her previous personas like Piper Niven, some fans were lukewarm to the change.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, the 30-year-old said she could see where that frustration came from, but effectively pleaded for patience as she herself finds her feet.

She’s already begun to turn heads, handed a lofty spot in the Queen’s Cup final in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel recently. She revealed even WWE supremo Vince McMahon has been imploring her to let more of her real personality shine through.

“I can completely understand it,” she said of that initial reaction. “For me as well, it was a huge transition and a lot to get used to.

“To be honest, I am still finding my feet with Doudrop, trying stuff on and seeing what fits her, but I’m excited.

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“We’re showing range here and it is exciting for me to get to do this, to show this different side of me and be really fun and colourful, as that’s a really big part of my real-life personality.

“I think that’s really what they wanted to harness. The one thing Vince always says is ‘we want to see that personality shining out there.’

“That’s hard for me because I am actually quite shy for strangers, although not the people that know me. So, to try and bring real-life me out there is difficult, but I am getting there.”

Doudrop’s rise has been rapid by any standards. She was performing exclusively on the independents as recently as 2019 and landed on Raw just months after exploits on NXT UK.

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Asked how she handles the new level of fame that’s thrust itself so quickly at her, she admits she still occasionally allows herself a moment to ‘go off’ in excitement.

She added: “This is a little ritual I have; each week we fly to a new State, so I get there, pick up my rental car and drive off.

“On the little drive from the airport to my hotel, I’ll always have a massive moment of gratitude and gratefulness.

“I just scream in my car and go off my head!

“I just always want to keep that high energy buzz of ‘oh my god, I can’t believe that I’m here!’

“That’s just my private time to freak out because all other times I’m like ‘be professional, be professional!’

“But inside I am always exploding!”

Doudrop and the stars of WWE are performing across England right now as part of a multi-date tour, which hits Birmingham on Friday night and London’s Wembley Arena on Saturday. Visit for more.

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