Dramatic moment vegan chef ‘goes blind and collapses’ during TV cooking challenge

Mahla Cameron-Bradley was racing to finish a dish in an episode of the Australian show Family Food Fight when she collapsed.

The passionate vegan had earlier been in a cooking challenge when she suddenly felt a stabbing pain in her head and cried out to her brother Yoshi.

She said: “My vision's going in one eye. I'm not feeling well, part of my vision has disappeared.”

It is reported she had been suffering a migraine.

Stricken and confused, Mahla struggled to continue with the challenge and sunk to the floor in floods of tears, screaming: “My left vision is gone.”

Fellow contestant Ria Samedi then rushes to her aid before shouting: “She lost her eyesight.”

Despite the medical emergency, Mahla pulled through and managed to plate up a meal for judges Matt Moran, Anna Polyviou and Tom Parker Bowles who is the son of Prince Charles's wife, Camilla.

Citing health reasons, Mahla has decided to leave the show.

In statement she said: “I think it's just best for my health and it's best for everyone here if we just take a step back now.

“I don't want to see any other contestants get eliminated and then we have to pull out at a later time.”


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