Driver accuses cyclist of ‘undertaking’ then gets out car to punch him in face

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A furious cyclist says a driver deliberately drove at him in a road-rage incident and then punched him in the face, as shown in a shocking video.

David Brennan, who recorded the ruckus with his helmet cam, is cycling down a road in Glasgow, Scotland, when he passes on the left-hand side of a car.

Suddenly, the car appears to accelerate towards him and passes so close David hits it with his hand, shouting: "Woah. P*** off.

"What did you just do there?

"You just drove your car at me."

The furious motorist rages back: "You f***ing undertook."

He then wallops David in the face and gets back in his car as the cyclist shouts: "F***ing hell. I’m going to the police.

"You punched me in the face."

The incident, which happened last October, resulted in both the driver and David getting a written warning when the force found the cyclist did "shout and swear causing fear to others".

David said: "I was honestly shaken to the core.

"Under pressure, late at night and with no advice at hand, I felt that I had to accept the warning.

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"The officers didn’t care that any swearing and shouting was a reaction to being endangered and assaulted.

"The warning belittled the effect that this incident had on me and has left me feeling self-doubt and anger ever since."

After battling the decision with Cycling UK for seven months, David has now been told the warning has been overturned for being "disproportionate".

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The footage has provoked a furious backlash from other road users, with some claiming that the motorist was deliberately driving on the white lines in the middle of the road so that the cyclist couldn't overtake – then getting enraged when he filtered past on the left.

One viewer blasted: "Disgraceful. Victim-blaming yet again…but it's only a cyclist so it doesn't matter."

A second commented: "He was deliberately blocking an overtake then greets his beeds oot when you filter.

"Not wanting to start a gender debate here but as a female, I’m guessing if he had done that to me the police response may have been different.

"As a mother of three sons that disgusts me."

Jim Densham, Cycling UK’s policy and campaigns manager in Scotland, said: "David’s experience on the road that morning must have been frightening and the shock compounded by his subsequent treatment.

"Too often we hear of people who are out enjoying a cycle ride but experience a dangerous situation through no fault of their own.

"Dangerous incidents reported to the police on the road must be dealt with fairly and they must recognise that people who cycle are vulnerable road users."

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