Driver races on WRONG side of the road forcing others to slam breaks

Heart-stopping moment dangerous driver risks lives and forces oncoming car to slam on brakes as they race on WRONG side of busy road to overtake

  • Dash cam footage shows silver car narrowly missing other drivers in Langley Mill
  • Debbie Murden-Field shared the video of reckless driving to make others aware
  • Two cars appear to race off across a roundabout near Eastwood in the Midlands

This is the shocking moment a driver swerves between traffic and narrowly misses hitting multiple cars on a Midlands street.

In footage recorded on a dash cam the reckless driver in a silver can be seen racing across the lanes and speeding off towards a roundabout. 

Debbie Murden-Field posted the video taken in Langley Mill, near Eastwood in the Midlands to her Facebook page.

In the footage a silver car (pictured right) swerves between the other vehicles to race towards the roundabout at the end of the road

Debbie Murden-Field posted the video taken in Langley Mill, near Eastwood in the Midlands to her Facebook page and said how shocked she was at the dangerous incident

Everything seems normal as Ms Murden-Field turns right onto the road and drives past a retail park.

Just after she passes a set of traffic lights a silver car can be seen racing in front of her car and swerving to miss a black car in the opposite lane – that flashes its lights.

The silver vehicle narrowly misses hitting both a parked blue car of the left hand side of the street and the car in front of Ms Murden-Field. 

After the shocking near miss Ms Murden-Field then continues driving up towards a roundabout and the racing silver car can be seen going around it. 

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Another black car appears to be following behind the silver car and chases it up towards the roundabout.  

This car shockingly goes across the roundabout the wrong way appearing to almost collide with another driver who was about to take the same exit.

Posting the video on Wednesday 15 August Ms Murden-Field wrote: ‘All i can say is, you complete and utter t***s, sorry about the language folks, but people like that make you swear.’ 

After the silver car swerves in the road, barely missing the blue parked car (pictured left), a black car appears to follow it up the road

The video has been shared more than 1,300 times on Facebook and has 308,000 views

She also commented to say that the footage was recorded on Tuesday August 14 at 1.55pm and her time stamp is wrong on the dash cam.

The video has been shared more than 1,300 times on Facebook and has 308,000 views.

Responding to worried comments, Ms Murden-Field said: ‘I’m OK now, i was a bit in shock yesterday, but the what ifs are kicking in now.

‘What if I hadn’t have looked in my mirror and swerved to the left, what if a kid had been crossing the road, it doesn’t bare thinking about.’ 

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