Drunk Brits forced to write apology letters after passing out drunk in police station

James Donaghue, 40, and pal Josh Little, 27, were “disturbing the peace’’ in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on Wednesday morning at 5am.

The lads were arrested after drunken James stumbled into the Turkish Embassy.

Police arrested the pair and both were pictured passed out floor of the police station.

Cops made the lads sign with their thumb prints two bizarre “promise’’ letters.

They were told the apologise and agreed to be on their best behaviour while in Cambodia.

“It was a bad mistake and would like to promise that it will never happen again”

Apology letters

James, a freelance SEO consultant, and Josh, a roofer, both from the South East, promised to be ‘’good tourists’’ in the future.

They were warned they could face the country’s courts if they get caught misbehaving again.

Cops then released the lads without charge and they were allowed to carry on their hols.

Police made the men sign with their thumb prints and their names.

They wrote: “I will not make any trouble or cause any problems in Cambodia. I will obey the Cambodian law.

“I will help Cambodia by being a good tourist every time I visit this wonderful country. In case you need me to come over I am happy to come at any time.”

In a joint letter, they both added: “I am James Donaghue and Josh Little. We would like to apologise for what we have done.

“It was a bad mistake and would like to promise that it will never happen again.”

Chaktomuk district police police chief Daun Penh said: “The two foreigners were detained after disturbing residents near the Turkish Embassy.

“Forty-year-old James Donaghue, 40, a British man then jumped inside the Embassy while his friend, 27-year-old Briton Josh Little stood outside.

“At the time the two men were not coherent and could not explain themselves.

“The Embassy staff were shocked and detained the men and immediately gave them to the local police.”

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