Dwayne Johnson is hosting a $300,000 round of HQ Trivia

The Rock is cooking up something big for Wednesday afternoon’s round of HQ Trivia.

Rampage star Dwayne Johnson will join HQ’s regular host, Scott Rogowsky, for a blockbuster-size round of the popular trivia game. The mobile app regularly hosts trivia games at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m., attracting millions of players and offering cash prizes at a minimum of $5,000. In true Rock fashion, of course, Wednesday’s game will push the prize to the max, offering an all-time HQ high of $300,000.

The app’s official social media page also warned fans that the afternoon game would take place at a “special time,” adding, “Keep your phone close.”

The game is sponsored by Johnson’s new film Rampage, which debuts this Friday. Johnson shared the HQ news on Twitter and Instagram, writing, “Of all the things my friends hit me up about… I’ve never been texted more about something than me giving away $300,000 this Wednesday.”

Rogowsky, whom Johnson refers to as his “twin Quiz Daddy,” told PEOPLE he’s been a fan of The Rock since his days in the Canadian Football League. “Getting to work with him is an impossible dream come true,” he said. “HQties across the HQniverse are going to flip their wigs when they see DJ pop up on their favorite game show on Wednesday. We’re giving out our biggest prize ever — enough money to go to the gym for 400 years (which is how long it would take to get as swole as him!).”

Johnson’s game is currently being promoted for 3:45 p.m. ET.

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