Eagle-eyed viewers spot man shoving his mate in a river live on BBC Breakfast

Eagled-eyed viewers spotted a man shoving his mate into a river live on the BBC Breakfast show.

The two men appeared to be having a leisurely stroll – until one of them pushed the other and sent him flying into the water.

If you weren’t paying very close attention this morning, you’d have easily missed the unscripted sideshow.

It happened as Springwatch presenter Chris Packham spoke to weather presenter Carol Kirkwood by the River Windrush in Bourton-on-the-Water, the Costswolds.

The two guys were noticed in the background of the footage, and although it wasn’t much of a shove, it sent the poor lad flying.

After a few moments the man was seen emerging from the river and running back to the pavement.

Meanwhile, Chris and Carol carried on, seemingly oblivious to what had happened behind them.

Back in the studio, presenters Charlie Stayt and Steph McGovern also appeared to have missed the hilarity, the Manchester Evening News reports.

But social media users certainly did not.

Diana Little told Carol on Twitter : “Loved seeing a man pushed into the water behind you. Funny start to the day.”

‘Paul McG’ said it was a "great way to start the day".

And Andew Geddes described it as a "comedy classic".

Another said: "Brilliant on BBC Breakfast couple of lads messing around on the river."

Bizarrely, the river is used for an annual football match. This year, it will take place on August 27.

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