eBay ad for 1980s caravan that excludes ‘GILF, 71’ goes viral

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A bloke's funny eBay listing of his mum's old caravan has gone viral and is set to raise thousands for charity.

The hilariously honest advert explains the used holiday home on wheels is hardly in the best shape of its life but it remains a treasure trove of family memories.

At the time of writing on Sunday morning, bids for the 1980 Ci Europa 4 Berth caravan has taken it over £2,000 despite a leaking skylight.

The seller says they have been pushed into the listing by their sister but to find the caravan a new home would make their "slightly dotty 70 year old" mum very happy.

It is clear to see from the off as to why the listing of a 40-year-old caravan sale has picked up some traction online and potential buyers are warned "don't be expecting miracles".

eBay user Michael Ellis from Lancashire writes: "Happy to throw in any plates, cutlery, fairy liquid etc that are no doubt in the cupboards 'just in case'.

"If you're lucky there might be 80% of a pack of Uno cards in there. There might even be an awning, I'll have to check, if there then it's included."

After being flooded with responses online, Michael decided to spend the last week updating the listing and even added screenshots of a WhatsApp chat with his widowed mum in which she suggests he takes up badminton.

He says: "Sold as seen, no returns, collection only from Lytham St. Anne's. If you get it home and there's a dotty 70-year-old locked in the bathroom let me know, we're quite fond of her when she's not making us sell stuff and take up racket sports.

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"***update*** it does not include the awning, it is currently MIA. No doubt she will later find it in the loft and I will have to eBay that too!

"There was an exciting 3 minutes last night when I thought I'd be able to include a hammock but she's keeping that apparently.

"That said I found an Uno set in my gaffe last night, living alone with no real mates I've no use for it so will include it as an interactive fun experience for your future holidays in this vintage beige caravan.

"I've also added a photo to prove my point about the badminton."

After receiving several direct messages about his mum, Michael posted: "I will pass on my condolences but sadly no I won't tell her she's a GILF.

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"Not because I don't think she'd appreciate more because I don't want to explain to her what one is or prompt to to once again point out my failure to deliver her any grand children."

He later added his mum was "scarily smug/excited for such a recent widow" after Googling the term "GILF", and emphasised his mum, who is actually 71, not 70 as originally stated, was not included.

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With two days left for buyers to stake their claim with a winning bid, the British Heart Foundation looks set to do pretty well out of a caravan.

Michael admitted: "I was a late developer and wet the bed several times in this state of the art mobile residence. There is however no subsequent staining due to her strategic use of a rubber sheet."

He also joked that his mum who made him correct a few things in the listing, might also soon be flogged at auction.

"There may soon be a further auction where I offer for sale a pedantic 71 year old female," Michael added. "1 previous husband, prone to sharing humiliating details and making phone calls at grossly inappropriate times."

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