Edmonton couple married 61 years shares secret for success during Valentine’s Day student visit

Students at Edmonton’s Roberta MacAdams School were thrilled to take part in Valentine’s Day festivities.

“Love… everyone should be loved,” student Micah Brown said. “It’s just a great day.”

“On Valentine’s Day, me and my family give out presents just to show each other that we love each other,” student Luke Lukah-Kuel said.

“Valentine’s for the kids is just a time to share love and joy and friendship and they get that,” principal Karen Keats Whelan said.

“It’s something they do everyday but it’s just this focus of brightening other people’s lives and sharing gratitude for what we have and who we are and spreading it out into the world.”

While students enjoyed an annual breakfast, one class took a trip to a nearby seniors’ residence. The children surprised residents with gifts and sat down to get to know them.

Among the group: Alan and Kathy Lymer.

“We got married June 21, 1958 — that’s 61 years,” Alan said.

Asked about the secret to their successful relationship, a few things came to mind.

“Doing everything she asked me to do, no argument,” said Alan. Kathy replied with a laugh saying, “I don’t think so.”

With humour at the top of list, the Lymers did share what has worked for them.

“Kathy’s my best friend by a long way. Forget love; just friendship. I can rely on her, I have confidence in her and it’s just a wonderful feeling… I enjoy it and she’s my best friend,” Alan explained.

On this year’s Valentine’s Day, the pair was happy to share their knowledge with a generation who appreciates the sentiment.

Aside from the visit to a seniors’ home, students were also involved in various other activities, all part of random acts of kindness week.

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