Eerie ‘abandoned car farm’ has rare 70s Lotuses, Citroëns and even a helicopter

An urban exploring group has shared photos of a creepy abandoned farmhouse filled to the brim with retro motors and vehicles.

Once a striking property, the huge home has been left to rot and crumble – now nothing more than an urban explorer’s paradise.

The photos were shared by explorers ‘Urbexcr’ who regularly venture into desolate buildings and document their findings.

To protect the anonymity of the buildings they explore, the locations are kept confidential.

All of the windows on the dilapidated property are loosely bricked up and holes appear across the exposed brick walls.

The urban explorers claimed the farmhouse was “completely destroyed” with just “four walls left”.

And although it isn’t clear from the outside, the collapsing house is hiding a series of retro motoring treasures.

Dozens of rare retro cars were found rusting away on the grounds of the property, a sad sight for any motorhead.

A classic Citroën 2CV was spotted among other cars, covered in mould and dirt after not being touched for what looked like years.

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The incredible 2CV is one of the few cars in history that released a single generation of model for more than four decades.

A 1980 Talbot Samba was found near the property and looked in fairly good nick compared to the others.

Buried in foliage outside the house, a car that looks like it could be a Lotus Europa sits in an extremely bad way – with no windows or headlights.

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A stunning Lotus Eclat sits underneath a tree undamaged and surprisingly fairly clean.

Covered in foliage and wrapped in branches, a beautiful Volkswagen Beetle hides away.

Its wheels appear to be covered in moss as the rest of the motor appears to be in poor condition.

The company stopped production of the car in 2003 claiming that buyer's demand for the vehicle was no longer there.

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The explorers were reportedly shocked at their findings but even more so when they stumbled across an actual helicopter in the house.

The beaten-up heli, draped slightly in tarpaulin, was found sadly with a smashed pilot’s windscreen and rusted propellers.

To make the discovery even madder, the property housed boats, motorbikes and caravans.

Tractors sit abandoned across the land around the property.

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It isn’t clear what happened to the owners or why so many vehicles were left behind.

Sharing the photos on social media, the urban explorers said: ”The Farm House was absolutely destroyed.

“Just four walls left with the house but on the land and in the barns were these little treasures.

“Motorbikes, cars, helicopters, caravans, and boats.

“Amongst these were an old Bedford, lotus, citron 2cv6 specials, a defender, an old-style Merc, Alfa Romeo, and even a rare Yamaha.”

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The incredible photos have been causing quite a stir on social media and the Urbexcr group have racked up over 100 comments.

One social media user wrote: "Every time I see this type of stuff I have to remind myself that someone probably died, and the estate was just forgotten about or was still in courts, or any number of ridiculous reasons that allow beautiful and unusual cars and their homes to deteriorate this much."

Another joked: "I’d live in the caravan just to wake up to see them cars everyday."

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